Summer Solstice 23/06/2005

We have just gone through the solstice and coincidentally a full moon fell on the same night. In some cosmic language these events have a signifigance. In most cultures there is a history of reverence and a recognition of the passing of these times. In our modern high tec world most of seem blind, or at best forgetful.

There is a part of us that is aware of the past and can see the continuity into the future. This is the soul of mankind and is the part that can lead to an expanded present, where narrow points of view, with vested self interest at their core, broaden out to give a picture of the truth of our situation. A cool place to be.

History in the Making 20/03/2005

We, thats us that live in the present, are making the stories that will be history tomorrow. That is pretty self evident but not really in the mindset of most of us. In the recent past century, we endured, waged, two world wars, culminating in the awesomely horrific detonation of two atomic bombs, that sent shock waves through the whole of humanity. The fear of what we are capable of doing to each other has kept us in its grip. Wmd’s in Iraq, reason for a shock and awe war.

Any chance of us getting to grips with all this fear. This is the so called free world and fear and insecurity are its features.

Meantime, while all this is going on there is another history in the making. This is the rise and rise of the common man. Literacy and education, electricity, mass access to music, film and the arts, comunication and the internet, all available to nearly all. We are developing a sense of where we are and maybe we are beginning to appreciate the beauty of it all and of each other.

This is what can change the course of history. Karl Marx called the masses the proletariat, I call them human beings.

Power to the people.