Finally fixed

I’m an optimist. I have faith in humanity. That translates into hope. But since my last post nearly 4 years ago the world seems to have taken a few backward steps. With the election of Trump in the USA and the promise to make the US great again, and the vote in the UK to leave the EU with the promise to make Britain great again, it looks like arrogance has risen to the top and that will take humanity towards chaos and conflict. Not easy being an optimist these days. But I have reasons still to be one. One is One and two is Reason. More to follow, just trying to get back into the groove, be present and be bright.

The reality is…….

How many times do we hear people use that phrase to emphasise the validity of their point of view, particularly economists?. What are people looking at when they say that? Usually its their own little narrow point of view, an opinion of theirs on some issue that’s affecting them. Now if we want to broaden out this point of view and start looking at what reality really is, then we might begin to see where we are really at and how we got here and how to improve our view of reality!!
Lets start with the big bang, a point where most scientific views start, not saying that there aren’t other points of view besides the most potent and nearly all encompassing scientific one. Lets move on a billion or so years and on a little third rock from a sun, a primordial life form appears. Initially an amoebic, split right down the middle and then are two of us amoebas, etc. Then a seismic shift towards male and female, and this brings about the multi diversity and potential for evolving that has shaped life on this planet. This evolution has been driven by rampant erect cocks(penises) looking for juicy wet pussy’s (vaginas) to insert the seed of his to further the genes of his one and only point of view. This would best describe the reality we find ourselves in right now.

So the next time we hear an economist saying “the reality is” think, cock.

The Race Goes On

Been quiet for quite a while now, looking, listening, observing and being. The optimist in me is taking a bit of a knock as what I am witnessing is the human race still powering on, oblivious to the reality that is oh so obvious to a few of us, that is, that the race is over. The human race is finished, done for, doomed. This is not and does not have to be a cataclysmic event. What takes its place is a collective of human beings, caring, sharing and cooperating. All we need to do is stop. Stop competing, stop racing, stop being blind selfish fools.
Each and every one of us carries the choice, to be selfish or to be selfless. This conflict of interests has been at the heart of our evolution through our ages, the great teachers have shown us the way, we have blindly ignored the truth for ages. We are now faced with a collective view of globalisation of two kinds. One is of rampant corporate greed where profit is the top and bottom line, the other kind is one of one, one world, one planet, one people. The choice is ours both on an individual level and a collective one. Can the vision of change, of consciousness overcome the primordial force of self, vested interest, short term “gain”, ignorance.
Lets finish the race now, and let the light of wisdom pervade this beautiful creation.

Care and the common Good

Where are we now? Firstly lets get to grips with that idea. Its we. We are human beings and we are in this together, us and the planet and the rest of the fauna and flora. All our time right up to the present, we have been fighting, competing, about everything, from who owns what piece of land, to what god we should be praying to. Over the last century there has been a gradual realisation of the truth of our situation. Two world wars set the tone, the first was the war to end all wars and shortly after the second culminated in the two atom bombs. The realisation that we had reached the point where we had developed the power to blow up the planet was a sobering moment. We had the cold war, the space race, again the moment of the beautiful photo of planet earth from a distance permeated the consciousness of us living in it. Now we have the internet, the www, mobile phones, instant communication to any other part of the planet and which was instrumental in the “Arab spring”. So, recent history has pushed us into the present now with the dawning realisation that it is “we”. But we still have the age old characteristics, the negative side of our human nature, to deal with. Me, us and them, rich and poor, black and white, the selfish uncaring bad old self. Is there a way of overcoming this negativity. “Yes we can” had a ring to it that resonated for a while but did not really materialise, “yes we care” might have a better chance of gaining a foothold. This caring side of our nature sees a bigger picture, one beyond the narrow confines of me, and can and does inspire the idea of the common good.

Getting back to being

Again great good fortune has been bestowed on me with the arrival of a beautiful baby grandaughter. Having just spent the first week of her life with her I am again reminded about what being a humanbeing is all about. We all start from pretty much the same place and before we become totally preoccupied with this world we live in a state of pure bliss, this is our natural state, our real selves. My little one has no concepts. Love, food and shelter is all she needs. She gets that and gives totally of her presence, love and peace. Sound familiar? 


We are still drowning in the morass of the collapse of the consumer capitalist empire, Greece is on its knees and being beaten down even furthr, in a desperate attempt to keep the broken train on the wrecked track. Economists are still arguing this way and that, usually beginning their opinion with the classic cliche ” the reality is”. The reality is far from economics only, as J K Galbraith said, ” Economists make astrologers look like scientists”

Good pop song at the moment puts it a lot better than those said economists, by Jessie J, Price Tag.

“Seems like everyones got a price   

I wonder how they sleep at night

When the sale comes first and the truth comes second

Just stop for a minute and smile

Its not about the money money money

We dont need your money money money

We just want to make the world dance

Forget about the price tag

Aint about the cha-ching cha-ching 

Aint about the ba-bling ba-bling

Want to make the world dance

forget abou the price tag”

Says a lot.                                                                         


We have just witnessed another cataclysmic event here on our planet earth. The massive earthquake in Japan, followed by a devastating tsunami, and then the nuclear failure. It puts our situation into very clear focus, the utter fragility of our existence here and the futility of our pretense of our thinking that we are in control. This is not the truth. What is self evident is the strength of the human spirit. The Japanese people have shown tremendous fortitude, resilience and true grit in coming to terms with the losses they have suffered. But the biggest threat to that spirit is coming from the ongoing and worsening nuclear situation. We have been deluding ourselves into believing that atomic power was our energy salvation. Not true. A quote from a great human being, ” As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world- that is the myth of the atomic age- as in being able to remake ourselves” Mohanas Gandhi.