human beings Charter
Human Beings, a Charter
1] Here we are, we are here together
2] We share a common experience, this life
3]We are born, we live , we die.
4]What we have in common far outweighs what keeps us apart
5] We share the wonder of birth
6] As parents we share the love for our children and the grief when our parents die

All the above are universal and self evident
What keeps us apart?
1]Nationalism, the attachment to the country of birth, blinds us to the truth that the country of birth is Planet Earth.

2[ Religion, the attachment to the culture of a god who is particular to that religion, blinds us to the truth that there can only be One Creator. All gods are our creations.
I am a Human Being,

I have been an Iraqi, an American, an Israeli, a Palestinian. Many other nationalities have I been. Now is the time to break down the borders and walls that we have created and see our state as Humanity, part of a beautiful creation.

I am a Human Being,

I have been a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu. Many other faiths have I held. Now is the time to let go and see the One Creator that our great teachers have told us of.

We are human beings, full of dignity, faith and love
This site is about seeing our way to finding our common destiny.
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